A TASTE OF CHINA: Lantern Festival

In welcoming the 15th day and the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration known in Indonesia with Cap Go Meh, Daan Mogot City presents Spring Lantern Festival which is still a part of the "A Taste of China" series event which will run at the beginning of this year. This event took place on 11-12 January 2017 in Daan Mogot City Marketing Gallery, Jl. Daan Mogot Km 16, West Jakarta.

Spring Lantern Festival itself is a Chinese tradition; it's the 15th day of the Chinese New Year which is also the beginning of spring season and celebrated by illuminating lanterns that represent illuminating a better future. With so much reflection coming from the light of the lantern around the marketing office, the atmosphere becomes so lovely while flower decoration was creating a romantic and serene feeling throughout.

Then the Spring Lantern Festival celebration becomes alive with attractions preceded by Sun Go Kong (the monkey king) with his cheerfulness, wondering around the marketing office and sharing traditional Chinese Tanghulu sweets made from fruit and wrapped with sugar to the visitors.

There is also an incredible attraction by the chef that making pull noodles that do not break. Because in the Chinese culture, the noodle itself is a symbol of longevity, so the longer the noodles that you don’t break, the longer the life will be lived. And then the visitors are invited to attend a DIY (Do It Yourself) Dumpling & Noodles. They are encouraged to learn to make their noodles and dumplings and eat together.

Spring Lantern Festival took place successfully and was attended by so many visitors who look very enthusiastic about participating in various programs in the marketing office. At the end of this event, buyers are picking Lucky Golden Eggs, where they had the opportunity to get a variety of gifts from Hermes, iPhone, Bose speakers, and Angpao voucher.

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