About Us

Daan Mogot City is the new major development that will transform Daan Mogot area
into West Jakarta’s city landmark with an exciting expansion of apartment towers, commercial area, entertainments, educational institutions and other cultural facilities.

It is not just an apartment, not just a city,
but a home to connected communities inside the city.
Our vision is to create ‘A City Where You Belong’,
where the people live, rest and feel the comfort of living in Daan Mogot City.


  • Albatross
  • Blue Jay
  • Canary
  • Dove


  • JICT Terminal Jakarta
  • Suramadu Bridge
  • Xixi Cheng Yuan
  • Hangzhou Blue Court
  • Wenzhou Lucheng Square
  • Hainan Blue Bay
  • Shanghai Bund House
  • Changsa Bamboo Garden